Canoes and kayaks offer great recreational, nature and fitness experiences.

We serve paddling enthusiasts who are seeking

higher levels of knowledge and mastery in canoe and kayak through:

♦ Instructor Certification

♦ Instructor Development Workshops

♦ Advanced Skill Clinics and Assessments

♦ On-water Safety Clinics

Our commitment is to training those who will help others to have richer and safer paddling experiences.

Happy Paddling!


As avid paddlers and ACA Certified Instructor Trainers,

Jeff and Laura Liebel help people develop skills and confidence

on the water — in and out of their canoe or kayak.


Well known for their paired solo freestyle demos,

the Liebel’s have over 25 years of paddling experience – with kids, dogs and each other.

(find link to videos by clicking about us)

  We are certified to develop instructors in

solo & tandem canoe, freestyle canoe & recreational/touring kayak

ACA Certified Instructor Trainers

♦  L3 Advanced Touring/Freestyle Canoe

♦  L2 Essentials Touring Canoe

♦  L2 Essentials Kayak Touring

Wekanu works with groups, individuals and organizations
in a flatwater paddling environment.